Château Reys
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e Château Reys is a prestigious stately home whose origins date back to the Middle Ages.Located in Creon d'Armagnac in the department of Landes, the fortress has gone through history, proud lying on the rich heritage of this beautiful region of the south-west.
Located on a vast 1.5 hectare tree-lined estate, Reys Castle opens its doors to host all your private or professional events.
We offer you the privatization of the site to benefit from magnificent shots of the castle with its charming assets such as its small pond, gardens, the loft and the large alley lined with Prunus.
You can amaze your guests by welcoming them to the heart of the park or to the courtyard to illuminate your evenings.
The communal room adjoining the castle can also be made available for the meal.
Finally, take advantage of our accommodation solutions with our prestigious guest rooms to complete your stay.
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